Acqua for Life

One US-dollar to the Acqua for Life organisation for every ‘like’ on Armani's Facebook page

With this classic Facebook fundraising campaign, the fashion designer Giorgio Armani donates one US-dollar to the Acqua for Life organisation for every ‘like’ on their Facebook page, which goes towards drinking water projects by Unicef Tap Projects. After a successful start in 2011, Armani regularly repeats the campaign. There is also a special price for perfume: for every bottle sold, five US dollars are donated. In this way, more than 1.3 million US-dollars were collected. That is a helpful amount, and that’s all there is to it. The commitment ends with a mere click, it never leads to a dialogue about drinking water problems. On the entries made between April and June 2014 by more than 500,000 fans, not one made a comment. But then, you can probably do more to tackle drinking water issues with 1.3 million US dollars than you can with Facebook comments. In 2015 Armani started a new challenge, where bloggers and other celebrities are challenged to live one day with only 10 liters of water. During the day they tweet about their experience.

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Selling with Love

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