This user-friendly app guides asylum-seekers as they adjust to life in Germany.

Launched by the broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, Goethe Institute and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, the smartphone app “Ankommen” (to arrive) helps refugees orient themselves in their new home, Germany. Where to learn German? Where to find a doctor? How to deal with bureaucracy?
The app answers these and many other questions that hundreds of thousands of people who have made long journey ask themselves when they arrive. For many of them a smartphone was lifeline during their journey and now it is ever more precious as a tool to get acquainted with their new home.

Grassroots initiatives, such as, were quick to embrace technology as a means to connect with, and to assist, refugees. Now thanks to the resources of the three big partners behind the app, Ankommen has brought a lot of information together in one place. The app has been downloaded between 50.000 – 10.000 times and reviews are so far positive.

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