Better than Cash Alliance

How digital cash transfer systems abolish physical cash in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, 90 % of factory workers’ salaries are paid in cash. The predominance of cash
affects women disproportionately. They’re often forced to hand over money to their husbands. And it’s not uncommon for employers to cook the books when they’re dealing in cash. Businesses and workers lose time; this whole system reduces productivity. Which is why the Better Than Cash Alliance is organising a digitised system of financial transfers, virtual accounts and personalised phone credit. This way, employers can dispense with personnel responsible for securing cash flows and save more than 500 hours of work required each month for accounting – these expenses have previously been deducted from salaries. And it allows female workers – who make up around 80 % of the textile industry’s workforce – to manage their incomes themselves.

Financial Inclusion

For more and more people, having a mobile phone means having access to financial services for the first time – without ever setting foot in a bank.

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Digital Divide: To pave the way for others

Why should you care about what is happening in the developing world? Because improvements in technology infrastructure matter for all our livelihoods.

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Blockchain could really help to increase financial inclusion

Which regulations can rope in technology

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