Bio Carbon Engineering

Planting trees with drones, and a billion within a year at that – that is the ambitious goal of the team behind the Bio Carbon Engineering project. How can this be achieved? Their drones will soon fly over potentially suitable areas and compile 3D maps. Then, they will scatter small containers over the best areas containing fertilised seeds as well as nutrients and moisture gel. In this way, 36,000 trees can be planted every day in a way that is cheaper than other methods, (by hand, for example). After planting, drones will continue to monitor the germinating seeds and deliver further nutrients when necessary to ensure their healthy growth. Soon, the team from Bio Carbon Engineering will deploy their drones for the reforestation of a plantation in South Africa. In October, the creators presented their project to the UN in New York as part of the adoption of the UN's development goals. The response was huge – further deployments are planned.

CEO Lauren Flechter präsentiert eine der Drohnen, mithilfe derer bald Millionen von Bäume gepflanzt werden sollen. ©BioCarbon Engineering

Drones for Good

The excitement around drones has reached the non-profit sector, and they are already being deployed to coordinate aid operations and provide supplies to crisis regions.

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