A web-based app filtering all relevant information in social media in case of a crisis.

When riots break out in Kiev, earthquakes shake the city of Nijmegen or fires rage around Austin Texas, people will be reporting on it live on social media. But due to the huge volume of updates, it’s important to be able to filter out the relevant information from all the background noise. That’s where CrowdSense (formerly known as Twitcident) comes in. The app, developed in the Netherlands, is web-based and filters tweets in real time, thereby creating a reliable source of information for communities, police and rescue teams. Tweets can be filtered by location or keyword. When the “Serious Request” charity event took place in the Netherlands in 2012, CrowdSense helped to avoid traffic chaos and overcrowding by evaluating tweets and helping the organisers to react quickly. So far the app has only been used for mass events in Holland and is not yet generally available. In the last months it has been very quiet around Crowdsense in general (September 2015). The app is still in demo version and only available per request.

Big Data for Good

Daily life is being digitised and recorded, the result is a vast mass of data.

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Real Time

Life is speeding up, and communication has to keep pace. NGOs are increasingly under pressure to report and react in real time.

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Digital Disaster Response

How digital technology can help in emergency and catastrophe situations.

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