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WebApp welcomes foreigners to Deggendorf

A new WebApp that was launched by a public school in Deggendorf – Germany, aims to help asylum seekers, refugees and foreign students find their footing during their first weeks in the Bavarian town. The platform Deg-where2 acts as a multilingual guide and offers information to new arrivals in the Deggendorf district to easily find their way around.

In the spirit of ‘where2’, pupils of the Robert-Koch-Gymnasium hit the road as data collectors to local authorities and institutions, photographed the buildings and marked the addresses in an online map. In Kurdish, Arabic, Croatian etc. practical assistance is provided to questions such as when are the opening hours of the town hall, where can groceries be bought at a reasonable price, what documents are needed to visit the doctor, or can I read this in Arabic? At a glance, accessible information for newcomers whose mother tongue is not German and who are dependent on such tips is offered in their own language.

Moreover, the WebApp provides a platform for exchange and networking, while there is also the opportunity to volunteer. So far, Deg-where2 runs in 15 languages including all its aid- offers. The WebApp has been transferred to the "Network for Cultural Diversity" and is to be expanded there.

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