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Eyes on Darfur

Eyes on Darfur was set up in June 2007 to raise awareness of the conflict in Sudan.

Eyes on Darfur was set up in June 2007 by Amnesty International and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to raise awareness of the conflict in Sudan. Satellite images on the website allowed viewers to follow live the current situation in twelve villages in Darfur. Violations of human rights or arson attacks were there for all to see; the images were the proof. You can also read personal reports from eye-witnesses. The website attracted high numbers of visitors: 85,000 visitors a day who spent an average of six to seven minutes browsing the site. The initiative has since come to an end, and South Sudan is an independent republic. You can still access the satellite images, although they are no longer updated. Those wanting to find out about the current situation in South Sudan are directed to the South Sudan site of Amnesty International USA. In keeping with the motto “the world is watching”, such initiatives could be used in the future to generate first hand information, whilst also putting pressure on those being monitored.


Real Time

Life is speeding up, and communication has to keep pace. NGOs are increasingly under pressure to report and react in real time.

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Plotting data on maps: Who is doing what and, above all, where?

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Big Data for Good

Daily life is being digitised and recorded, the result is a vast mass of data.

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