This phone app from Kenya pairs up peasants with companies.

Farmforce brings Kenyan smallholder farmers into business with food processing companies. The cellphone-based business solution from Kenya helps manage the working relationship between farmers and their buyers for the production of canned vegetables or frozen food. Information on the platform is also intended to help farmers comply with international quality and hygiene standards and improve the traceability of their products.

Farmforce assists smallholder farmers with various aspects of the contractual working relationship, such as loans, buying and selling, or the management of local warehouses. Farmers create an account on the Farmforce website and can then install a range of apps on their smartphone. Furthermore, Farmforce offers training for farmers and an SMS info service with information regarding prices or weather. The goal is to assist the farmers in expanding their access to formal markets and thereby increase their income.

The Farmforce platform is an initiative of the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and is supported by the Swiss State Secretary for Economic Affairs. Currently, the platform is available in English and French, with Spanish and Portuguese to follow.

mAgri: Empowering Farmers!

Sowing mobile phones, harvesting text messages. Smallholder farmers in poor countries get vital information by SMS.

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Trade not Aid

The shift from giving to buying and selling creates a more sustainable kind of independence in international development.

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