CC BY SA Behrens

First Contact

First aid on the Greek island of Samos.

They have just left the sea behind not knowing what steps to take next. On the greek island Samos refugees get first orientation-aid by the young website

In 2015 Paula Schwarz, Katharina Dermühl and other brains from the social startup scene joint to create an online-platform, which applies where other measures don’t have an effect yet. Where do I find? Whom to contact first? It offers important information not only for people in need of help but also for supporters that lack experience. Schwarz and Dermühl found a gap in the organizational process. With “First-Contact” they manage to fill it little by little. 

Digitale Flüchtlingshilfe

Wie Technologien Flüchtlingen das Leben und Helfern die Arbeit erleichtert.

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