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Geekulcha is helping young IT students to get started in a company.

Geekulcha sees itself as a community of IT students, young professionals, and anyone else with an interest in IT and technology who seek interactions with like-minded people. On the online platform, users can exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Most importantly, they learn about the newest trends in the IT economy, and receive information about education and training opportunities and job offers.

Mixo, which founded the platform in 2013, recognised the gap between the knowledge and skills of many students of their university (Pretoria, South Africa) and the needs of important IT companies, and wanted to change the situation. Originally, Mixo functioned as an intermediary between Microsoft and its institute, and organised small workshops for students, who were thus able to learn relevant skills from the tech industry. Today more than 3,000 students from the Geekulcha community (Geekulcha is a portmanteau of geeks and culture, by the way) and 15 volunteer staff organise workshops and events in which they aim to successfully bring together students with industry representatives.

The idea has been a hit – the World Bank is already aware of it and has reported on it. By the end of 2016, Mixo wants to have helped find jobs in the IT sector for 100 students, or have provided them with the necessary knowledge to start a business.

We discovered this case through our Lab Around the World research trip.