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This project gives advice, support and a new perspective to young women with a difficult past.

The Girlztalk project was started at the beginning of 2015 by the non-profit organisation Seed Community in South Africa. For several years, Seed has facilitated giving young girls in difficult circumstances access to higher education and offers them interest-free scholarships for schooling and study. Besides tuition fees, monthly stipends for work materials are also provided, along with mentoring programmes at the schools and career counselling. In order to further assist girls with all life-related questions regarding sexuality, love, friendship, health, fashion, self-confidence, and many other subjects, the Girlztalk mobile platform was created. Girlztalk has a range of chat rooms dedicated to every possible subject, in which girls can ask questions and communicate with one another.

The highlight: the chat rooms are moderated by the girls themselves, ones who volunteer for the project during their studies. The Girlztalk website was launched on .mobi and is available on all mobile devices. The initiators expect high levels of interest: after launching a test phase in the previous year, they received a lot of positive feedback. Indeed, in the week following the launch, over 1,400 girls viewed the site and spoke with each other in the chat rooms. The goal of Girlztalk and Seed Community is to give girls in South Africa the necessary self-confidence to assert themselves both in daily life and later in their jobs – against stereotypes and above all against violence and abuse, as can clearly be seen in this insightful video (trailer for a forthcoming documentary).

We discovered this case through our Lab Around the World research trip.



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