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Proactive for refugees and against prejudices: citizens movement helps "how to start".

In Germany there is no central coordination for refugee relief. „Helfer-Atlas“ is an information website by Campact which gives answers and examples how to help refugees and how to engage against racism. Furthermore there are additional information like book advices or links to charity organizations and other offers. The „Willkommensnetz“ map shows existing projects and gives the opportunity to register new ones. With the Campaign „Flüchtlinge wilkommen heißen!“ Campact fights for a refugee friendly atmosphere and is doing awareness training. Since 2004 Campact is committed with different political projects with high relevance and they run the petition platform WeAct. That‘s the reason why the association is reaching many people online. In february 2016 there were more than 1200 initiatives listed in the „Willkommensnetz“. Because of Campacts political engagement over the years the „Helfer-Atlas“ is a useful source for interested people.

Digitale Flüchtlingshilfe

Wie Technologien Flüchtlingen das Leben und Helfern die Arbeit erleichtert.

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