Through an app companies can provide vouchers for registered refugees.

Companies also want to make a contribution to refugee relief. But oftentimes they do not succeed in providing their products and services at the right moment. At a refugee hackathon in October 2015, a group of volunteers wondered how they could develop a “social airlift” between companies and refugees. That is how HiMate started.

HiMate works like a social and free Groupon: cooperating companies use the app to offer vouchers, be it for clothes, a haircut, or a free lunch. By providing their name and email, refugees can reserve the voucher they need. After the reservation, they receive a booking code and address and can redeem their voucher directly at the company within 24 hours after providing their refugee documents. Every user can only use one voucher a day.

Currently, more than 40 volunteer experts from companies, associations, and journalism are supporting HiMate. The app, which is available in Arabic, English, and German, went live a couple of days ago (as of early March 2016). Therefore, there are only a couple of vouchers available at the moment. But a soon increase is probable since companies not only do good with the service, but can also use it for social PR.

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