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Ideen Initiative Zukunft

In 2011, the competition “Ideen Initiative Zukunft” appealed for ideas to make a future woth living in.

In 2011, the competition “Ideen Initiative Zukunft” (literally translated as “Ideas Initiative Future”) appealed for ideas to make a future worth living in. The competition was established in 2009 the German pharmacy chain dm and the German UNESCO commission (back then it was called “Be a Futurist”). dm put up over 1.5 million Euros for the best ideas: 1000 Euros for 1000 winners and 250 Euros for those in second place. A jury (who, according to one participant, were not sure who decided what and how) selected 2000 projects from the online applications. Applicants then went head-to-head, presenting their ideas in pairs over 14 days in dm stores. The project that received more customer votes won 1000 Euros, the other one got 250 Euros. This combination of a jury and public vote reduced the risk of abuse that can exist when you have just votes. However, one participant reported that the competition was disastrously organised. Mail addresses were mixed up, transfers went wrong and ballot cards went missing from the stores. This is an example of how competitions can lead to negative PR and frustrated participants.



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