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Quick information via app for refugees in Hungary.

How do I buy a train ticket, where can I get medical help, where do I need to register? These and similar questions are crucial for refugees in a foreign country. In Hungary the organisation Migration Aid answers many of these questions in an App. People on the run receive important information and news concering accommodation, routes, or humanitarian aid services via the app InfoAid.

The entries are translated into several languages by volunteers and also verified for accuracy. The app was designed according to a small data usage. InfoAid is currently only available for smartphones with android, an iPhone version is in development. Since many of the refugees have a smartphone, existing resources are optimally used and information is being spread as quickly as possible.

Digitale Flüchtlingshilfe

Wie Technologien Flüchtlingen das Leben und Helfern die Arbeit erleichtert.

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