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Integration means finding oneself a particular and specific place to make your home. The Integreat-app offers information about local restrictions and possibilities in German cities to ease the way to a new home.

Integration always has to overcome local constraints. In a federal state like Germany this requires even more energy and patience. Especially refugees can get lost in this maze of different regulations and it is a big difference between arriving in Passau or Duisburg. Unlike the Ankommen-App, Integreat focuses on providing local informations about the places people have to live their daily lifes in. Developed by volunteering stundents of TU Munich and Augsburg University this app offers a digital map containing all necessary legal information, forms and life hacks in Arab, English, Farsi, French and German. After the download the required information are accessible offline.

The easy-tohandle app is based on WordPress and convinces with a modest interface, favoring battery and data volume. By only covering four cities (Augsburg, Bad Tölz, Düsseldorf, Kissingen) and one district (Main-Taunus-Kreis) there is still a long way to go. Though all signs point to the direction of growth. Already 70 cities showed interest in collaborating. Since the app is only compatible to Android, the developers announced a version for iOS. After the efforts by Integreat building a communal app for integration, the very similar Welcome App Germany also expanded outside of Dresden. Maybe there is more room for a collaboration between the two apps to bundle up forces. Nevertheless, stressing the importance of local help is invaluably important.

© Integreat

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