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Internet Revolution Egypt

An online campaign fighting for better internet in Egypt.

Internet service providers in Egypt undervalue their users. The internet in Egypt is slow, customer service is poor, the distribution point infrastructure is insufficient and the packages they offer are a rip-off. That’s what the first statement from internet Revolution Egypt said, an online campaign started in Egypt in 2014. With their demand for cheaper and better internet access, the Facebook group hit a nerve, and within a month had 400,000 friends, which as of September 2015 had swelled to over a million.

The campaigners collect all possible information indicating digital abuse, including photos of broken internet connections and customer letters from telcos. They initiate petitions and offline campaigns which have high participation figures and which have been taken up by famous personalities such as comedian Bassem Youssef and shared in the mainstream media (above all TV).

One of the successful campaigns was “We will pay with change”, in which the Egyptians crippled the state telecom payment kiosks by appearing with large sacks of small change to pay their bills.

We discovered this case through our Lab Around the World research trip.



Digital Campaigns

Waves of online petitions are a sign of how digital campaigns can mobilise masses behind a cause.

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