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Law 3andak Dam

Donating blood through social media.

As his cousin lay in a hospital a few years ago, urgently in need of a blood transfusion, Egyptian musician and creative advertiser Hisham Kharma became aware of a serious situation in his society: relatives of the injured or sick desperately look to find blood donors amongst their personal networks, because they cannot afford the blood reserves in private bloodbanks. At the time, Hisham only dealt with the issue incidentally. But then the revolution happened, and suddenly blood donors were needed for the injured in many places at once. At the same time, the number of social media users increased rapidly, and even Hisham's own grandmother was following the events on Facebook.

Hisham decided to use his communicative talents – honed at the Miami Ad School and Hamburg advertising agency Jung von Matt – for good, and designed a campaign to bring blood donors and blood seekers together. He chose the provocative name Law 3andak Dam, which means both “If You Have Blood” as well as “If You Have a Conscience” in Arabic. The provocative slogan was well-received in Egypt, where sarcastic humour is popular, and the message of the new blood-matching service spread quickly.

Through co-operation with the national bloodbank and large companies, Law 3andak Dam succeeded in organising blood donation busses to take blood in Cairo's neighbourhoods. Artist friends of Hisham as well as the popular travel app Bey2ollak helped spread the word even further. Blood donors and blood seekers register via Law 3andak Dam's website or Facebook page, which combined reach over 500,000 users. When celebrities such as actor Asser Yassin get involved, their retweets reach over one million users.

We discovered this case through our Lab Around the World research trip.




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