Map Kibera

Plotting one of the largest slums in Africa.

Kibera is a slum in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, one of the largest in Africa with over 170,000 inhabitants (according to government statistics, though estimates from other sources put the figure several times higher). But how are you supposed to get around when there are no maps of it? To solve this problem 13 young Kenyans founded Map Kibera in November 2009. Armed with GPS and small cameras they began plotting the slum’s various districts – and they still are today. Anybody can join in (women are particularly encouraged), and data is uploaded from the crowd onto the map, built upon Google Maps. The information on sanitation facilities, water and recycling points is especially valuable. There’s also a Wiki and discussion groups as well as videos with profiles of individual slum inhabitants.


Transparency is a mega-trend that the Internet is driving forward, and it's also affecting people's expectations of social sector organisations.

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Plotting data on maps: Who is doing what and, above all, where?

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