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Moms Rising

Greater awareness of the problems and needs of mothers and their families.

Moms Rising was founded in 2006 in the USA to raise greater awareness of the problems and needs of mothers and their families. Anyone can get involved, and their campaigns are led regionally and nationally, also on a political level. The organisation uses a mapping system that pinpoints the experiences had by the mothers with the US healthcare programme on a map. There is a Mother of the Year competition, surveys on different topics and a blog to exchange stories. Moms Rising has built up a significant internet presence and has already succeeded in penetrating up to the level of US President Barack Obama. Moms Rising demonstrates how specific interests can be pooled and jointly asserted. Since the organisation is mostly maintained by all its participating internet users, Moms Rising sets a good example for network organisations.

Open Data

Making data useful for the greatest possible number of people.

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Direct Feedback

Letting the beneficiaries of aid programmes finally have a say – technology makes it possible.

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Pitch In

Participation is a central part of the digital lifestyle. It's never been so easy to get involved and engaged.

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The Long Tail

The long tail means that even niche social causes get a look in.

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