Testing a product's environmental compatibility right in the supermarket? With this app that's possible.

Imagine being able to find out within seconds how good the heavily reduced shampoo or instant soup is when shopping. With Noteo that is a reality.

The app from France evaluates how healthy, environmentally-friendly, social and cost-effective supermarket products are. Every product receives a grade that users can bring up on their smartphone directly at the supermarket shelf. It can even be done quickly via barcode scan.

45,000 products have been listed in the app so far, which has been downloaded at least 10,000 times in the Android store. Noteo joins the ranks of existing consumer apps such as Good-Guide or Barcoo, but is designed better. We were unfortunately unable to find out about the information value of the evaluation criteria. 

Big Data for Good

Daily life is being digitised and recorded, the result is a vast mass of data.

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