NYC BigApp

In this New York app competition digital-social innovations are born.

NYC BigApps is an open data competition in New York that rewards innovative apps. Anyone can compete with their project in the categories of sustainability, lifelong learning, work and mobility or healthy living. The focus of the competition is the social effect of the apps. A jury of experts assess the entries based on the following criteria:

- Possible positive impacts on the residents, visitors, and companies of New York City
- The implementation of the idea (including user experience and design)
- The creativity and originality of the idea
- Economic potential of the app

Since 2009, NYC BigApps has helped bring roughly 300 new apps to the market that are intended to make life for New Yorkers easier and better. One of this year's winners was the “HealthyOut” app, which allows users to find places (shops, restaurants, etc.) that serve healthy food tailored to their individual needs in their area.

The NYC BigApps competition is also an example of the open data trend, because the organisers have already made over 1000 data sets available to developers around the world. The release of the data to the public is meant to promote government accountability and transparency.  

flickr CC / Steven Rosenbaum

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