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In Japan good doctors are "oben". On this platform the best ones put their practical knowledge into videos.

Yumi Taketomi founded oben.jp in 2013 so that doctors could better learn from one another, particularly regarding the usage of new devices and technologies. Good doctors have valuable knowledge that they rarely have time to share with their colleagues.

For this reason, Yumi Taketomi sends professional video crews into the operating theatres of selected doctors. Between preliminary briefings and follow-up discussions, the operating doctor explains the hows and whys of what they are doing during the operation. The videos are great learning material, are used my many universities in Japan for free, and are enriched by the tips, comments and device ratings provided by other doctors on oben.jp. (Because the videos are quite graphic, but above all due to the need to protect patient data, we cannot show them here) oben.jp is partially financed by the manufacturers of the devices used in the videos.

In the future, the knowledge of doctors in countries such as India or Bangladesh will also be made free available. The platform is not open to all; only “oben” (top) doctors are invited to join it. In Japan, the German word has a special status. Conversely, patients would rather not be treated by a “neben” (part-time) doctor.

We discovered this case study through our Lab Around the World research trip. 

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© flickr / vancouvercoastalhealth


The new possibilities for healthcare in rural areas created by mobile phone uptake.

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