How algorithms fight poachers

The Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security (PAWS) is an algorithm, with which gamekeepers can track down more poachers and protect their animals even better (in Africa alone 100 elephants are killed illegaly every day). In the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda PAWS calculates the propability of upcoming movement patterns and suggests better routes for the gamekeepers, based on data research by institutions over the past 14 years. On these routes, gamekeepers are more likely to meet more animals and also more poachers. Algorithm and human complement each other perfectly in this use case: only the computer is able to calculate the movement patterns to this extent but the human decides the routes based on intuition.  

Big Data for Good

Daily life is being digitised and recorded, the result is a vast mass of data.

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Measuring the truth

Can data explain the world to us?

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Good Data with Nasty Side Effects

Data for development – the collection, allocation and use of data for development aid (DA) – has in recent years become progressively more relevant.

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