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Refugee Hero

Airbnb for Refugees

Real heroes don’t wear capes! Three twentysomethings provide housing-opportunities for refugees.

As government institutions work at maximum capacity to provide shelter for refugees, three Twentysomethings from the Netherlands have created what they refer to as the airbnb for refugees. Anyone can join and list their housing free of charge. This way the initiators hope to not only push back the limit of new arrivals, but also serve as an aid to integration.

Enlistings include housing opportunities in private homes, as well as public fascilities, but also provide help with all important aspects of migration, such as finding schools and applying for passports. The concept seems to be a success as similar projects have turned up in France, Austria and Germany in 2015. However, refugeehero.com operates worldwide and is already available in English, French and Dutch. The young non-profit startup has shown, what several still seem to doubt: Welcoming culture is a thing and real heroes don’t wear capes. 

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