Online-Support along the European refugee routes

The net got swamped with information about the European refugee crisis. At the same time there is no one-stop and reliable information being provided for refugees themselves. Together with Mercy Corps and Google, International Rescue Committee (IRC) initiated a website providing crucial information for immigrating refugees. It is supposed to make traveling safer by giving details about the availability of humanitarian aid goods in nearby camps or local transportation options. Information is being provided throughout all main hubs along the route from Greece to Austria.
The website has a simple user interface that enables low bandwidth access, and a low energy use saves power on devices. Meanwhile open source simplifies updating for local IRC partners.
However, accessing internet throughout the journey is a remaining challenge for refugees. Being tackled by projects like „otvorena mreza“ by providing free en-route WiFi, IRC staff itself informs incoming refugees in Lesvos about SIM-card sellers and WiFi-cafés. Unfortunately, these details are still missing on Yet, the website promises improvement for refugees and NGO-staff in Europe and therefore fills an important gap in digital refugee aid. Thumbs up!

Digitale Flüchtlingshilfe

Wie Technologien Flüchtlingen das Leben und Helfern die Arbeit erleichtert.

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