Samaritans Radar

AI in suizid prevention

The Samaritans wanted to save more lives. The NGO helps people in Great Britain and Ireland who are in crisis and plagued by suicidal impulses. The idea was to automate this help through Twitter, with the use of an AI-based app, the Samaritans Radar. The app
notified its users about followers who it deemed to be suicide risks. So, did a simple keyword analysis lead to more interpersonal caring and compassion? The use of the past tense in the previous sentences provides a clue to the answer: no, the app backfired. The public complained about inadequate data security. The users felt that more or less publicly labelling
someone as potentially depressed was too much. The well-intentioned, but poorly conceived, Radar app was deleted after only one week.  

Big Data for Good

Daily life is being digitised and recorded, the result is a vast mass of data.

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Good Data with Nasty Side Effects

Data for development – the collection, allocation and use of data for development aid (DA) – has in recent years become progressively more relevant.

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