Touchable Memories

A 3D printer converts photographs into objects to uncover them for blind and visually-impaired people.

The video “Touchable Memories” shows how 3D printers, like a sort of braille for photographs, can make pictures and memories tangible for blind persons. The Spanish creative agency LOLA produced the film for Pirate3D, a company located in Singapore.

The video introduces us to five individuals. Gabor used to be a photographer before going blind; now the 3D printer lets him “see” a photo-shoot again. Mario, an Italian musician, has until now never been able to see any of the CD covers which his friend designed for him. And Yassine likes to remember how her father used to throw her up and catch her when she was a child; this moment was now reproduced by the 3D printer.

The film captures the joy on their faces when they first hold the printed episodes of those special moments. There is probably no more emotional way to present the opportunities of 3D printing; or to quote from the video: “Technology is just a tool. People give it a purpose.”

Hilfe aus dem 3D-Drucker

Ein Haus, ein Herz, eine Mahlzeit: für viele unbezahlbar – oder aus dem 3D-Drucker.

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