Smartphone owners can suddenly become environmental activists.

Using the free TrashOut App, smartphone owners can suddenly become environmental activists. This transformation is very straightforward: install app, see an illegal rubbish dump, take a photo and send a message. Advanced users can also specify the type and size, or make other comments. To give the app a bigger motivation factor, reward points are awarded. You get one point for every illegal rubbish dump reported, confirmed or cleared, and after a certain number of points you get a distinction status. The app also includes a TrashMap, which shows where illegal dumps have already been reported, confirmed or cleared. TrashMap is built upon GoogleMaps and has filters for country, region, town, type of rubbish, size and date. was developed in Slovakia in 2009 and launched in 2012 with Greenpeace among its partners. The aggregated data from the app should help city and regional authorities, environmental organisations and waste collection agencies to tackle illegal rubbish dumps.

©flickr / Hugo Campos

©flickr / Hugo Campos

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