Urban Survivors

A virtual journey through seven real-life slums.

A storytelling project from Médecins Sans Frontières is a virtual journey through seven real-life slums. With this multimedia project, the medical emergency relief programme wants to make the conditions in the places they work real and tangible for everybody. For the first time in human history more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. This rapid and sustained urbanisation means that existing slums are bulging and in many cities new settlements of corrugated iron and sheet plastic are springing up. Living conditions are often wretched. There’s very often no clean drinking water, barely any toilets facilities or access to medical care. Visitors to the Urban Survivors website can go on a virtual journey through the slums through films, sound clips, information and statistics, interviews and photo-galleries. This collage of different media weave engaging stories about the inhabitants, depicting their everyday struggles. Hence users get an insight into the lives of a large portion of the world’s population, from Guatemala to South Africa. This is storytelling at a very high standard.

Digital Storytelling

People think in stories. To communicate effectively, social organisations need to use this fact in the way they reach people online.

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