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Public promises made by politicians are checked and evaluated.

Vladometr was an editorially directed information and rating platform from Ukraine, where public promises made by politicians are checked and evaluated.To this end, statements made by politicians were listed on Vladometer, which could be filtered according to party and individual. In addition, opinions from “experts” from the fields of politics, economics, and social commentators on individual promises and their implementation were collected and evaluated. Small coloured symbols revealed whether a promise was still in progress, had been implemented or broken, or whether a compromise was found. The front-runner in the categories of Saint, Devil, People’s Favourite and Newcomer were then presented on the home page. Of course nobody wants to be a devil.The site operators – mainly journalists – admitted that they founded the site to create an independent antidote to the Ukrainian media landscape, which was heavily under the sway of the oligarchs.




Transparency is a mega-trend that the Internet is driving forward, and it's also affecting people's expectations of social sector organisations.

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