WatchKnowLearn brings order to the masses of learning videos circulating on the internet.

WatchKnowLearn is set up as a Wiki to which registered users can upload videos. Unlike the Khan Academy or edX, the platform does not produce any of its own content, but rather functions as a kind of library, with links to learning videos. It is an approach that seems to be working, with over 50,000 videos in more than 5,000 categories available. In order to ensure that the abundance of videos does not lead to a drop in quality, a team of teachers checks every video and provides additional information.

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger is behind WatchKnowLearn. He wanted to create a learning platform independently managed by teachers, in accordance with the philosophy of Wikipedia. The platform is a non-profit project of the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi, and is both free and without advertising. WatchKnowLearn works with partners such as YouTube, Vimeo and Slideshare.

The platform's content serves pupils and teachers of secondary school levels I and II. For teaching staff, WatchKnowLearn installed a particularly useful feature: with personal subdomains, each can set up their own virtual classroom. The biology teacher, for example, can collect all videos relevant to their biology lessons, pre-sort them and then make them available to students. With the help of control functions, teachers can then check whether the videos have really been watched until the end.

What is cool about the platform is that is now also available in Spanish (which has 330 million native speakers worldwide) and Mandarin (982 million native speakers). However, the majority of videos are still only available in English.

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