A language course for refugees to learn German – via WhatsApp.

More and more people are coming to seek shelter in Germany. To really arrive in their new homeland knowledge of the language does help. But the waiting time for a course often is long. WhatsGerman, a language training program, that was started in December 2015 and uses WhatsApp for teaching, helps shorten that time. Initiator is the Plan.Net Group, a communication agency. The technique behind the service is a quite new marketing tool: WhatsApp Newsletter.
WhatsGerman is available in Arabic and English. On the website whatsgerman.de participants can chose between three different levels of the German language course: 1. the German alphabet, 2. daily phrases, 3. basic grammar. It is not necessary to register. The user just ads a number, sends a message via WhatsApp and then receives daily lessons (text and video) on his phone. If he learned enough he just deletes the number again.
So the obstacles to the WhatsGerman course are low: no registration, no costs – and WhatsApp is a service that a lot of refugees use anyway. That looks like an easy way to the service – and to basic language skills that won’t replace a regular language course but maybe will help a little to arrive in the new homeland.


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