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Wheelmap shows the world from the perspective of a wheelchair user.

Wheelmap shows the world from the perspective of a wheelchair user. Where can I go? Which restaurants, shops or areas are going to be problematic with the wheelchair? In Germany alone, where Wheelmap began, 1.6 Million wheelchair users ask themselves these questions on a daily basis. On Wheelmap anybody can rank various locations using a traffic light system. Wheelmap was created by the Sozialhelden (Social Heroes) and has been publicised by wheelchair user Raul Krauthausen. When he gave a talk about Wheelmap at Vision Summit 2011, not many people showed up because it clashed with another talk being given by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. However, the few people who did show were Google employees who already knew their boss’s speech. They were so taken with the concept that they arranged an advert for Wheelmap to run on the Google Chrome YouTube Channel and on TV. This led to a huge increase in entries totalling over 560,000(October 2015). In August 2013 a campaign in partnership with Streetspotr led to over 7,000 photos from 65 German cities being uploaded.



Plotting data on maps: Who is doing what and, above all, where?

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