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Where my money dey?

Increased transparency around the communal income from mining.

Where my money dey? is the project of a volunteer hacker from Ghana. The goal of the project is increased transparency around the communal income from mining. Mining companies in Ghana are obliged to pay 3 per cent of their income to the municipalities on whose land they operate their mines.

Where my money dey? is supposed to make it possible to test that. By selecting a region, you can see how much the company should have paid, and how much they have actually paid, and what happened to the money. To do this, the site quotes official figures. In addition to this, residents of the mining regions can share their own eyewitness accounts in text and image about the behaviour of the company and the results of the mining in the “Share your Story” section.

An initial prototype of the site was developed in 2012 at the d|Bootcamp, a hackathon. At the follow-up event in 2013, this initial attempt was picked up and extended by the Code for Africa initiative. Unfortunately the site looks somewhat abandoned. Old figures and empty text and image fields where images of the team members should be give the impression that the project never made it past the good-idea stage. However the code for the open source project can be taken over and used for other projects.


Transparency is a mega-trend that the Internet is driving forward, and it's also affecting people's expectations of social sector organisations.

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