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Zusammen für Flüchtlinge

A tangible and transparent apporach to refugee relief

A new initiative to support voluntary work with politically persecuted humans and refugees has just gone live with its crowdfunding capabilities. Since launching at the end of the year 2015, the platform Zusammen für Flüchtlinge - which translates into „together for refugees“ – connects good causes with people who care and built a set of tools, providing them a platform at no cost that will unlock the power of the crowd. Crowdfunders are offered the chance to securely and transparently support more than 300 social projects that contribute to the voluntary commitment in helping refugees at home and abroad - whether it’s relief in crisis areas, on rescue missions along escape routes or local neighborhood initiatives for integration. Donations of both time and money can be collected through the website on no additional charges. All projects can be discussed and evaluated openly by the community on the website.

Crowdfunding is able to bridge the gap of physical distance and make the donor feel a connection to the people they are supporting. Zusammen für Flüchtlinge is striving to ensure no good cause goes unseen and unfunded, as well as further encouraging voluntary work, while facilitating and improving its access. Close to 3,5 million Euros have already been donated for all projects.

Digitale Flüchtlingshilfe

Wie Technologien Flüchtlingen das Leben und Helfern die Arbeit erleichtert.

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Online Fundraising

How online donation became a central pillar of fundraising.

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